Our Specialised Services are generally catered toward established and experienced organisations looking to scale their technology implementation and cybersecurity posture to the next level. While these exclusive services are usually availed by slightly more mature organisations, we also leverage our own network of experts to help budding organisations make that hallowed transition to the big leagues - and do so with agility and finesse.

Virtual CISO

Is your organisation’s hunt for the ideal CISO yielding poor results?

To confront the rising scope of cybersecurity threats, businesses are always on the lookout for a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with a deep and broad skill set - someone with executive leadership skills and technical savvy.

Moreover, the role of a CISO continues to expand, with an increasing number of risks being identified in information security, supply chain security, business processes, customer privacy, audit engagements, and compliance.

On one hand, small and medium enterprises cannot afford full-time CISOs but still need a robust cybersecurity program. The larger problem, however, is that almost every organisation is finding it increasingly challenging and expensive to find someone with such diverse capabilities.


What you need is sound and practical guidance from an expert who works closely with you, offers better flexibility, and is cost-effective.

In other words, what you need is a virtual CISO.

And that’s where we can help.

The vCISOs at Binary Tech have formidable experience in building information security programs that help you achieve your business objectives and bring about measurable improvements to your security posture. We do this by typically following a cycle of assess, plan and remediate.

You can think of our vCISOs as high-level executives who work from multiple locations, but are always virtually available when you need us - be it daily, weekly, or quarterly.


Smarter Expertise

vCISOs collaborate with multiple companies, giving them a unique vantage point. It allows them to use their knowledge and success stories to improve your organisation’s resilience and security.

Fewer Business Risks

Our vCISOs hit the ground running. They bring in the required strategic and operational leadership and help you manage all cybersecurity risks, becoming your point-of-contact for all security-related issues.

Substantially Lower Costs

What makes our vCISOs so cost-effective is that you pay only for what you need. As a result, they often cost drastically less than the average CISO’s salary. Plus, you also save on ancillary costs like office space, benefits, etc.

Virtual CIO

Are the employees in your IT department double-hatting?

Every business knows technology boosts productivity. But not every business can allocate funds for an entire IT department. As a result, members of the IT team usually end up double-hatting, or taking on multiple roles.

Additionally, SMBs and SMEs must also tackle security-related compliance challenges, along with a rising competitive pressure to safeguard customer, partner and company data.

For many of these businesses, their on-site IT experts are primarily handling tactical issues - leaving almost no time for maintenance, planning and monitoring when it comes to devising a cohesive and efficacious IT strategy.



At Binary Tech, our vCIOs act as your company’s dedicated resource, serving as your Chief Information Officer on a flexible basis.

Our primary role is to develop your strategic IT goals, then prepare and execute a budget and strategy to help achieve those goals. Our third-person perspective enables us to identify operational issues that might have been overlooked, and suggest effective remediations.

Moreover, our vast and varied domain experience helps us quickly identify the right technology to solve a problem, and to also recommend improvements or replacements of legacy systems and practices.


Suggest methods and processes to drive change.
Establish key initiatives, strategic priorities, and identify ROI.
Evaluate current team skills and alignment.
Support strategic vendor relationships.
Offer advice on regulatory and compliance matters.
Manage your daily technology direction.


Is your SIEM having effective use cases that will help you detect and respond to complex attacks?

Use cases are an integral part of security monitoring.

The increased complexity and frequency of attacks, coupled with a historical over-dependence on preventative controls, has raised the need for enhanced detection and incident response capabilities.

Organisations are realising that security is not just about preventing attacks but also detecting and responding to threats proactively. However, the main challenge in implementing such a strategy is the need for a structured approach - especially, where to begin.


A robust detection and response strategy is as much about process and teams as it is about products and services.

And that’s where the MITRE ATT&CK model comes into play.

ATT&CK, a vast database of adversarial methods, offers a breakdown and classification of how harmful tools and malware interact with your systems during an operation.

A vital resource in this phase, it provides an extensive taxonomy and structure to threat-related data obtained from various sources. Better yet, it can also be used to locate blind spots and overlooked threats that should be covered by developing robust monitoring use cases.

By leveraging our deep understanding and experience with the MITRE ATT&CK framework, we help you adopt this model seamlessly into your operations, and develop use cases that are applicable to your environment.


Review quality of log sources and completeness.
Assess effectiveness of existing use cases.
Identify right use cases such as threat, asset, control-oriented.
Prioritise use case development, testing, and implementation.
Develop response mechanism and playbooks.
Regular review and tuning of use cases.

Threat Hunting


Many organisations take months - or even years - to realise they have been attacked.

Cybercriminals today possess a highly advanced artillery that helps them evade your defences or avoid detection altogether. So advanced, in fact, that some enterprises never even find out about the nefarious activities that were carried out on their network environment.

Think about it.

There could be attackers living on your network right now - pilfering your data, stealing critical documents, appropriating key login credentials, compromising your servers, or carrying out any number of other malicious activities.


In order to prevent your organisation from being hunted, you must become the hunter.

The answer lies in Threat Hunting. And that’s where we come in.

At Binary Tech, we work with you hand-in-hand to develop a sturdy and resilient approach to Threat Hunting. Our methods help you proactively search for any suspicious or malicious activities, and also identify any signs of attacks or compromises over your network and endpoints.

The mature practices and incident response capabilities of our experts help you manage threats that bypass both preventative and detective controls, and enable you to uncover threats that would otherwise remain hidden.


Develop approach for threat hunting.
Build capabilities for threat hunting – People, Process, Technology.
Effective use of Threat Intelligence for threat hunting.
Update use cases to improve detection capabilities.

Red Teaming

Are your organisation’s blue team and incident response team mature enough?

If yes, then it might just be time for a red team.

Incident response teams and blue teams are, by definition, meant to follow set processes in the playbook and essentially focus on defence. How then, can you determine their preparedness for dealing with a cyber attack?

As per estimates, the 2013 Yahoo breach was said to have affected almost 3 billion user accounts. The Equifax data breach, citing 145.5 million customers affected, was the largest publicly disclosed hack ever reported.

Takeaway in all this?

Organisations must determine their existing susceptibilities to cyberattacks by testing their networks and systems before an attacker does.


If you want to stop the attacker, you must think like one.

And for that, you need a red team.

At Binary Tech, our Red Teaming services simulate real-world attacks on your organisation by recreating the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) used by real-world adversaries. This helps us reveal potential threats to your critical data from a more wider perspective rather than focusing on a specific subset of assets.

The benefits of a red teaming exercise are multifold. It supports and tests the capabilities of your blue team, uncovers any weaknesses, and highlights areas that need improvement, leaving you with an enhanced detection and response plan.


Uncover attack vectors that attackers could exploit.
Demonstrate how attackers could move throughout your system.
Provide insights on your organisation’s ability to prevent, detect, and respond to advanced threats.
Identify alternative options or outcomes of an action or attack plan.
Prioritise remediation plans based on what is causing the greatest risk.
Build a business case for improvements, deploying new solutions, and other security spending.