Cybersecurity. Decoded.


Invented by Gottfried Leibniz, binary is a base-2 number system made up of only two numbers: 0 and 1. This number system is the basis for all binary code, and every instruction used by a computer processor is written using this amazingly basic yet powerful code.

The binary number is the very foundation of all we do in technology and cybersecurity. All of it is but a unique combination of 0s and 1s.

Building a resilient organisation is a huge and complex responsibility. At Binary Tech, we leverage the power of the golden triangle - people, process and technology - in a way that makes navigating the complex maze of organisational security seem as simple as understanding the binary number.



Like most intrepid entrepreneurs, we were professionals first, pulling rigorous all-nighters at our desk jobs. And while we honed our skills significantly in the process, we also came upon a very startling observation - one that compelled us to launch our own cybersecurity and technology company.

The observation was this: Organisations spend millions of dollars on security and technology solutions and world-class infrastructure but they end up using only about one-fourth of that capacity.


Naturally then, we couldn’t sit idly by. So we decided to launch a cybersecurity and technology company that would help organisations extract the full value of their investments, and also set up robust processes that follow industry best practices. But most of all, we wanted to, in our own humble way, try and make the digital world a safer place.

And thus, Binary Tech was born.

A flexible, customer-centric enterprise that focuses on delivering quality security solutions that are simple to implement yet near impossible to breach.



When it comes to technology and security, there are no grey areas. You’re either doing it right or you’re not.

And although cyber attacks come in all forms, the basic defence mechanisms used against them never change. At Binary Tech, we understand this. Therefore, we keep our processes simple. We focus always on five core elements: identify, protect, detect, recover, and respond. And in this regard, our focus is unwavering.

Simply put, we solidify your basics first so that launching an attack against you becomes that much more complex.

Community service

We do all we can to give back to the society in which we live and work. We volunteer and contribute to local community centres in the humble hope that our actions are bringing about at least some degree of positive change.

With mental health one of the key focus areas in a post-Covid world, we are working with various NGOs to help spread awareness about the importance of mental health and the steps we all can take to fortify our global workforce.